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U.S Government spends about US$500 billion yearly on services and products and about almost half of it is allocated to use services and buying products from  small businesses across the Nation.

If you have business company, you might be asking yourself if the American Fed Govt wants your products or services. Yes they do, The federal U.S Government buy anything from cloths and uniform to satellite systems and aerospace components. You will find more than thirteen million services and products bought by the American Federal government every year.

There are more than 1000 govt agencies that buy products plus all type of services intended to maintain the nation working and running smoothly, but just about a quater of all US businesses that are registered and authorized for doing business with the US government. There aren’t any charges to register or join up and the procedure to be part of it is pretty simple. (www.fbo.gov website is intended for government contracts above $25K)

One of some sources that post the government contracts is FedBizOpps website. FedBizOpps.Gov is an internet data source about contracting opportunities & purchases the US government needs to make more than $25,0000. NAICS system that stands for: “North American Industrial Classification System” is used for this FedBizOps.Gov website. This kind of system is a good way to classify the various federal government work opportunities, but there are more than 13,000 NAICS codes you will find and the federal government just uses around 2000 of those codes.

CAGE Code is another way of categorizing the FedBizopps (federal Business Opportunities), it stands for “Commercial And Government Entity”. This kind of Code is a very unique identifier used on suppliers or distributors (to many different federal government agencies or defence agencies) or even government departments themselves & also numerous institutions. CAGE codes have a standartised technique of finding a particular facility service at a certain location or area.

After you familiar and understand the different between all of the categories, it’s much easier to aim what you’re searching for in this type of business (government opportunity).

New vendors or suppliers normally need to undergo the govt maze to understand the ins & out of federal government contracting. This one thing is a huge obstruction for many. But, after you learn and understand – It is like to go fishing for opportunities, contracts, jobs and progress for your own business. FedBizopps

For  anybody who perhaps don’t like or might be has no time to visit the FedBizOps.Gov website every day, the can subscribe to a bid match service. But you might need to keep in mind, that there’s no delay time period / omission of data when you are getting all the information or data straight from the federal government website. So, as a business partner of the government, visiting FedBizOpps.Gov website in regular basis is very important to find out the project the fit into your business.

Besides the FedBizOps.Gov internet site, for any information regarding smaller contracts (below $25,000 dollars), you need to check out another website, GSA web-site (General Service Administration).  It’s the biggest government agencies that have duty to help other government agencies acquire all the services, products, advice, real estate , consulting and vehicles that the need. G.S.A makes ease of federal govt purchasing by creating big multi-user business contracts to push down the expense.

Just spend some time every day learning the needs of your new buyer or client. Soon enough, you will understand how does it work and how to make as much profit as possible as the government business partner. Someday, you’ll wake up & have a knowledge of how the American Government doing the business. I don’t think  I.Q play a big role here. Do not forget to visit FedBizOpps website for more information regarding making the federal government as your business client.”FedBizOpps.Gov

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