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FedBizOpps – Being a business partner of the US Federal Government could be pretty rewarding. The reality is, the American Government is largest buyer of services and goods in this country. It will be great for any American business company to build a government sales element of their marketing and sales efforts. However that there’s a learning process to sell things to US Federal government.

To start there’s merchant registration. It’ll be great if your company was already in the business no less than a couple of years before seeking federal government business. The most very first and most important part of registration is obtaining a DUNS number, that is a method for the federal govt (as well as other organizations or agencies) to monitor a business. This number tracks or monitors a businesses information, credit worthiness and abilities. The next phase is joining in the CCR or Central Contractor Registration, that is the gov registry that gathers all of the Federal government vendors..


Afer that you need to determine exactly what kind of businesses to pursue inside the government. For that purpose you need to examine on obtaining a  Schedule provided by GSA. The GSA or General Services Administration does a lot of the dealing for the federal government. GSA Schedules are pre-approved contracts for services or goods at a set price. What it allows is contracting and purchasing officers to purchase without needing to discuss since the price has allready been pre-arranged or pre-negotiated.

The schedule provided by GSA is a 5 years agreement providing pricelist the government has agreed and arranged to spend money for the services and products. The contract with GSA is good for five years, so it has to be renewed every half decade.  In renewing the GSA Schedule Contracts, the government and company need to re-consider the prices or costs to be given for government contracting.


And the final action is approaching numerous departments and agencies for finding the business opportunities. A great way to track what’s offered and obtainable is by checking with FedBizOpps.Gov website  (Federal Business Opportunities). FedBizOpps.Gov is  a US federal government owned website that provide the listing of all planned purchases or contracts for services or goods over the amount of $25,000. In this business, the federal government has set up to make sure that all business companies have an opportunity submiting for business & that the federal government gets the best value.”FedBizOpps

Whether or not a business might not be straight intended for a legal contract agreement, the solicitation would list potential contacts then one could approach for some other opportunities. Obtaining government business will take effort and time. But may be worth the effort. Those steps are certainly one approach to start seeking fed government business.


FedBizOpps, or FBO, is the Federal government’s website ( that posts all Federal procurement opportunities over opportunities with a value over $25,000. Think of it as the government’s proposal central, or better yet, RFP central.

FedBizOpps gov (pronounced fed biz opps) can be found at or and provides you with a sophisticated search engine for finding more than 40,000 immediate RFP opportunities, as well as archived records. It also lists possible future federal contract opportunities. You can also see all GSA Schedule solicitations on FedBizOps.

Several training programs are available at the site to teach you the mechanics of using the FBO system. Registration Benefits

You do not need to register to use FedBizOpps, however, if you do, you can

E-mail Notifications - sign up for email notifications based on keywords or other criteria you specify, such as agency, PSC and FSC codes, and type of government contract.
Monitor pending contracts - Stay on top of impending federal contracts. 
Watch List - add federal contract opportunities to your own watch list, and you will receive notices of these RFPs.

FedBizOpps is Useful for Marketing

FedBiz is most useful for Federal marketers, federal salespeople, and business development personnel, and those interested in GSA Sales and GSA contracts.

Agency Profiles – You can look at profiles of federal organizations that use the system, see the procuring locations, and view all current opportunities.

Interested Vendor – You can also list your firm as being an interested vendor so that other vendors can contact you about collaborating on a project.

Sources Sought Notices – FBO also contains sources sought notices that allow agencies to request information about qualified vendors for a prospective project, even if the project is not yet ready to go out for bid.

Small Business Events – For small businesses, it also contains a listing of all small business events that are sponsored by various agencies.

Small Business Events – For small businesses, it also contains a listing of all small business events that are sponsored by various agencies.

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