FedBizOps.Gov – US Government As a Business Client?

FedBizOpps.Gov – US Federal spend lots of money on any small things to aerospace needs every year. Almost every purchase needs a federal government contract. If you have a business and need to find out about federal contract, so you need source where you can get fresh information and data regarding Federal government procurement. To be able to work with & market the business to the US federal govt, individuals or companies should be knowledgeable about the various systems..

To get familiar with Fed Biz Ops,  there are some important websites you need to follow, such sba.gov or FedBizOps.Gov .

What do you need to do to be able to bid on federal government contracts? You must register your business company for an approved business contractor before you’re permitted to bid on federal contracts. Here’s the step you should follow to register your company as an approved US business contractor:

1. DUNS Number

Obtain the nine digit “Dun & Bradstreet DUNS “ I.D number. Dun & Bradstreet are the credit agency for business entities. This 9 digit number that you can get for free of charge is used to identify your business.  But they “Dun & Bradstreet” also offer some useful services in exchange for a charge. Why do you need this I.D number? Duns I.D number would enable your business company to get recognized and accepted as a company, plus allow your business to get loans, government grants, leases, credit lines,  and othe important things that enable your business put on to mailing lists from all companies or businesses that would consider to get your own business and enable your company expand to a higher level.

2. CCR

The next step, you must get your business company registered in the federal government’s Central Contractor Registration (CCR). The CCR is the major primary databases of businesses which could work together with the federal government, which means the important key to optimizing the procurement approach.  www.CCR.gov is the website you need to visit to register. What do you need for CCR registration? You’ll need to provide DUNS number, Bank Acc Number, Tax ID and specific information about your company. It is free of charge to process and takes about 1 – 3 days to have your CCR account active. Then you can proceed. “FedBizOps.Gov

Being registered in the  “Central Contractor Registration” or CCR is very crucial, it enables or allows the US Government to identify your business or company as a potential vendor or provider of services and products needed by the federal government. Once your business recognized, your company could be considered for contracts or business grants. FedBizOpps


Finally, you’ll require to complete one last application, it s the OCRA application. OCRA stands for: Online Representations & Certifications Application. To be able to sign into ORCA, you’ll need to have your own company’s DUNS ID number that is given after your CCR registration. What do you need it for? ORCA could save your business lots of times

Before ORCA, any company that bid on a federal Government opportunity need to complete an application form certifying and representing that the particular bidder was agree with various Federal Government regulations and guidelines. But now, you could just go to “Online Representations & Certifications Application” or ORCA & finish the entire information needed once, which could be used also on all government contracts.

After you are done with the OCRA registration, all your business information and data stay and active for one whole year, then you will need to renew the information (to refresh), to be able to be used for the following years. If you update your business information during the year, so it’s automatically the expiration date of your OCRA application would be extended for another one year.”FedBizOpps.Gov

After you complete all the registrations and are approved by the federal government, you could start and begin bidding on suitable  government contracts. You need to visit FedBizOpps.Gov  where you will get all the information you need about Fed Biz Ops ( Federal Busines Opportunities ). Through that government website, you can see  most available federal contract solicitations listed.

What other important things you will get from FedBizOpps.Gov website?  You’ll have access to know what the requirement to bid the contract, how and when it will take place. For any businesses offering goods that qualified for the General Services Administration (GSA) long term government contracts, all those solicitations can be found under www.GSA.gov website.FedBizOpps.Gov

Make sure that you need to  study about FedBizOpps or Federal Business Opportunities by visiting these websites FedBizOps.Gov and GSA.Gov before you register your business, because perhaps the US government doesn’t  need the kind of services or products you offered, so do not spend your time for nothing with the reg process.


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