Federal Business Opportunities – Marketing the Government for Profit

– Do you know if the State Federal Government spend hundreds of billion dollars annually to buy services and goods? If you know and understand how to get those projects, you can certainly can get  benefits from sizable government spending per year.

Fact: All Fed procurements below $25,000 will not going through the RFP or the bid process. To market your own business company wisely, correctly and properly would be the only strategy to get those govt procurement. Probably you understand that you’ll find big chances for just about any businesses to earn federal contracts. The big question is, how can YOU get them? The Federal Business Opportunities.

You can think about the government people as a something, an organization of non-living form, but the truth is, the federal government is definitely 100% human being, hard-working minded folks just us. Understanding that, marketing or promoting to the federal government is in fact branding and advertising your name or your business specifically and directly to  thousands of federal government people that buy the product or service you sell.

The 1st step you need to do when you want to get involve in Federal Business Opportunities is registering your own compant to CCR (Central Contractor Registry). The “Central Contractor Registry”  is a provider data base which gathers and distributes all data regarding prospective contractor companies to federal government buyers or users. It will help Gov Buyers know immediately your identity and decide if  that you are a legitimate valid contractor or not. You’ll find it online at: www.ccr.gov.

After you finish the registration, you need to get the right people. Many government buyers buy various things. Certain government buyers simply just buy supplies, while some want to have everything required in their department – from paper clip to property. You need to do some analysis to make sure who will buy the product or service you are offering. So, “who you know” is very important key to get part in  Federal Business Opportunities.

After you get the name plus the contact info of the correct person, you need to get to know them very well and give them explanation about you, the product or your business. It’s when you as a seller show buyers about all your products or services.

Make contact via emails, telephone calls and mailing advertisement. But something that you need to be careful, as a seller you do not want your company get blacklisted or punished as a spammers or be penalized because unreasonable amount of fax you send them. Contact buyers to show them regarding your services or products, then you need to ask if sending e-mail of fax is allowed. And don’t forget, contact them to schedule a meeting to talk about business opportunities together with their agencies or agency.

You need to do some research easily find on the internet such as FedBizOpps.Gov to get recent information about Federal Business Opportunities. The SBA website where you can find useful data such as major contractors who’re seeking subcontractors.If you have enough budget you need to visit some events such as procurement conferences and fairs. A lot of information are there for you such as nearby SBA office buildings, Procurement Technical Help Center and Small Businesses Development Center. Thousands of Small Business Representatives from every federal agency are there to help you. Get the information about SmallBusiness in the company you would like to do business with & ask them to point your business  in the correct path. Visit FedBizOpps.Gov for more details about Federal Business Opportunities.


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